Del Shannon

Del Shannon is a full-time civil engineer who designs and constructs (and sometimes even deconstructs) dams around the world. He is also a writer. When not working on dams he has written award-winning essays, newspaper columns, and children’s stories. His first children’s book was the serialized novella The Map, published in several newspapers. Captain Disaster is his second children’s book, and first full-length novel. He lives with his family in Colorado, plays intramural soccer on three different teams, and always seems to be daydreaming of Captain Disaster.

Illustrated by Dan Chernett

The wrap-around cover illustration and the six interior black and white drawings are the fantastical work of British illustrator Dan Chernett. "One man, one pen, bags of talent," is as he defines himself. We couldn't agree more. Our experience working with Dan on the execution of the Captain Disaster illustrations was terrific. He worked hard to accurately interpret the book and the characters, and he did so wiith great success. Traditionally trained Dan now works "entirely digitally enjoying the speed, flexibility and lack of cleaning up to do at the end of the day." Dan developed a booming career in the creative industries after graduating from the University of Lincoln in 2006. Being flexible with styling allows him to tailor each project to perfectly fit the target audience. He has worked for a wide range of clients producing illustrations for design, animation, and educational markets. Past clients include Scholastic, Oxford University Press, Harcourt, Random House, Carlton Cards plus many more. To see more of Dan's amazing work please visit

Here's a sneak peak of Dan's work in Captain Disaster.